How do I track the pages I read on GPnotebook?

First, log in to the site and then use the search bar to find information related to a recent consultation

  • TIP: The database is structured to allow searches for combinations of terms, such as “HDL phenytoin”, “metformin B12” or “covid toe”

Next, navigate to your CPD dashboard, where you’ll see the total number of pages you have read in the dashboard summary panel

  • A log of the individual pages you have read appears in the "tracked activity" table under the summary panel
  • TIP: If you are a long-time user of GPnotebook, the pages you read before upgrading to GPnotebook Pro will also appear in the tracked activity table

TIP: You can sort the tracked activity table by variables such as the date the page was read, the page title or clinical topic by clicking on the column headers

TIP: The dashboard displays your activity since the date of your last appraisal. The date the dashboard is using is displayed above the dashboard summary panel

  • If the dashboard is not displaying the data you're expecting, please check that the date of your last appraisal is set correctly

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