How do I add reflective notes to my activity to claim CPD credits?

First, log in to GPnotebook and then navigate to the GPnotebook Pro CPD dashboard

If you’ve previously read some pages, the dashboard will tell you how many unclaimed potential CPD credits you have accumulated from this activity

To claim accumulated credits, you need to add reflective notes to summarise how this reading activity relates to your practice

In the table of tracked activity below the dashboard, use the check boxes to select one or more pages that you’ve read, and then click the "Add reflections" button

In most cases, it is appropriate to add a single reflective note to a group of pages, rather than writing a separate note for each individual page

TIP: By clicking on the "Reflection" column header, you can sort the activity table according to whether or not pages already have reflective notes associated with them. This can help you find previously tracked pages that you might like to reflect on

Use the pop-up form to record your reflective note

TIP: The number of pages you select for each reflective note will determine how many CPD credits you claim for the activity. On the assumption that a GPnotebook page takes 3 minutes to read, we assign 0.05 credits to each individual page

Your running total of CPD credits will automatically update as you add reflections 

TIP: Only those tracked pages with associated reflective notes are included in your "pie chart" of CPD credits. This is because the RCGP's guidance on appraisal and revalidation states that learning activities are eligible for CPD credits "providing that you document your reflection on your learning activity from them appropriately" 

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