How to claim CPD credits from GPnotebook Round-up MCQs

You can use the GPnotebook Pro dashboard to track and claim credits from the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) we send out each month in our GPnotebook Round-up email newsletter.

Whether you receive the newsletter or not, as a GPnotebook Pro user, you can still claim CPD credits by taking and reflecting on the quizzes.

First, log in to GPnotebook and navigate to the “Round-up MCQs” page, where you can access a list of the quizzes that are distributed in the monthly newsletters

Choose a quiz and use the GPnotebook page linked above each question as the reference material to answer the MCQs

Each quiz that you complete and submit will be tracked in your GPnotebook Pro CPD dashboard in the "Round-up MCQs" tab (irrespective of how many questions you got right or wrong)

Add a reflective note against the quiz to claim a CPD credit

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