Why aren't my tracked pages showing?

  • If you are not seeing the expected number of tracked pages under the "My tracked activity" heading, then please check that the date of your last appraisal (displayed at the top of the page) is set correctly. 
  • This date is the "start date" for the tracked activity data displayed in the CPD dashboard.

  • If there is no table listed under the "Your tracked activity" heading, this is most likely an issue with your browser. Some Internet Explorer users have reported that the table may not always be visible. If this applies, we suggest that you try accessing GPnotebook Pro using either a different device or a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • Microsoft (the developer of Internet Explorer) has announced it is not going to continue to support Internet Explorer, and is encouraging users to upgrade their browser to its more modern Edge browser for better security/functionality. As such, GPnotebook longer officially supports Internet Explorer either.
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