Why aren't my GPnotebook TV videos being tracked?

If the videos you are watching on GPnotebook TV are not appearing in your CPD dashboard, there are several things you can check to resolve the problem:

  1. Are you logged in to the GPnotebook TV site?
    Before any videos can be tracked, you must be logged in to the GPnotebook TV site. See the related article linked at the bottom of this page.
  2. Are the videos autoplaying?
    If the GPnotebook TV episodes you watch start playing automatically when you load the page, this can sometimes interfere with video tracking. If your browser autoplays a video, try pausing the video and then re-playing it to initiate the tracking functionality.
  3. Is the video marked as "Sponsored"?
    Sponsored videos are not "trackable" – only independent episodes can be tracked in your dashboard.
  4. Have you watched at least 1 minute of each video?
    CPD credits are assigned per minute of video watched. As such, you must watch at least 1 minute of a video before it will appear on your CPD dashboard.    
  5. Have you signed up for GPnotebook Pro very recently? 
    If so, please do the following:
    a) Close any browser windows that you have open for GPnotebook or GPnotebook TV
    b) Visit GPnotebook at https://gpnotebook.com
    c) Sign out
    d) Sign back in again
    e) Visit GPnotebook TV
    f) Sign into GPnotebook TV and watch a video
    g) Visit your CPD dashboard and see if the video has been tracked (the dashboard can sometimes take a few minutes to track your activity)

If you have followed the steps above and are still having difficulty, please contact us for assistance.

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